Pagination Out of Sync

I recently compiled my manuscript as a pdf with paperback novel front matter (Title, copyright, dedication and half title pages). When I open the pdf with Adobe Reader, the fifth page (Chapter 1 page) is numbered page 4, but according to Adobe it is page 5. Also, I can tell by the margins that “page 4” is a recto page and should thus be odd numbered. I have double checked my compile settings and verified I have ticked the boxes to “always start section on recto page” and “start next section on recto page”. Also, boxes are ticked for “page break before” on each front matter page.
I simply cannot understand, nor could I find a fix in the manual, why the pagination is out of sync.
I have tried adding blank pages to the front matter; each time the result is the same.
Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated.

I’m trying to come up with a mix of settings that could somehow trick the compiler into treating two of the front matter documents as one, but without success. Could you share a sample project demonstrating the problem? It doesn’t need to be your complete project, but if you for instance did a Save As, then stripped out everything but the front matter documents and the start of Chapter One, that should show the problem when compiling. You can use File > Back Up > Back Up To… to create a zipped copy that you can upload here or send to AT literatureandlatte DOT com with a reference to this thread. Thanks!


Thanks for your response and suggestion. I have compiled a pdf of the front matter and Chapter 1 and attached it here, so you can see the problem first hand. In addition to the margins indicating recto/verso, I have formatted to display my name on the header of verso pages and book title on recto pages.

Storm On The Horizon.pdf (63.9 KB)

Thanks for that. What I really am after though is the actual Scrivener project, so I can see the combination of settings and binder structure that is producing that PDF. Like I said, you don’t need to send the entire project; you can make a copy via Save As and then strip it of all but the beginning documents that make up the PDF you attached. You can attach that project as a zipped file here.

Thanks for the guidance, on a bit of a learning curve here. I hope this is what you asked for.Sample (231 KB)

Perfect, thanks. The problem is that in the compile Page Settings in the “First Pages” section, you’ve set it to start the regular header and footer on page 2. Above that, you’ve not selected “Page numbers count first pages” meaning that when you start the page numbering, it’s going to start at 1. Many times you won’t want all your front matter numbered, or will want it to use lowercase Roman numerals, so you start Chapter One on Page 1.

In this case, what’s happening then is that the first page isn’t being counted, and then the second page is starting the page numbering at 1. However, you’ve also chosen, under the “Header and Footer” tab, not to display a header or footer on single pages, which means none of the front matter pages will show the page count, even though, starting with page 2, they are incrementing the count.

To fix it, in the “First Pages” section, set it to start the regular header/footer either on page 5 or automatically (which will start it after all the front matter). That will start the numbering with “1” on the Chapter One page; if you want it to start at “5”, also tick “Page numbers count first pages”.


One thousand and one thanks. It never would have occurred to me to check that. You have restored my sanity.