Paging up or down in Scrivenings mode

Hi folks,

Is there a way to navigate one page up or down in Windows Scrivenings mode?

Using the page up/down keys in Scrivenings mode takes me from document to document.

But I’m looking for a way to navigate page by page, as you would when editing a single long document.

I tried various key combinations, checked the manual, keyboard options, searched the forum, couldn’t find anything that works.

Is page by page navigation possible in Windows Scrivenings mode?


Since Scrivener for Windows currently has no idea about what constitutes a page, the answer has to be “No”, I’m afraid. The Mac version has a “Page View” principally intended for screenwriters, so presumably this will be coming to Windows with version 3. But even that is only a rough approximation, and doesn’t represent final compiled output exactly.


Hi Mark, I appreciate the reply.

That is surprising to me, as Windows Scrivener clearly understands what a page is in normal doc editing mode.

How Scrivener works when I press page up or down in normal doc editing mode, is what I am looking for in Scrivenings mode.

ETA: I think I might not have been clear. I am not referring to a page of printed text on paper. By “page”, I mean “one screen’s worth of displayed text”.


I did some experimenting with navigation in Scrivenings mode in Windows, here’s what I am seeing:

arrow = move up or down by line of text
crtl+arrow = move up or down by paragraph
alt+arrow = move up or down by document

page up/down = move up or down by document
crtl+page up/down = move up or down by document
alt+page up/down = move up or down by document
crtl+alt+page up/down = move up or down by document

Is this how it works on the Mac?

Is there a Win Scrivenings key combination that will move up or down by a screen of text, like page up/down does in normal Win doc editing mode?


Answer 1: No, on the Mac, a Scrivenings session puts all the individual documents into one continuous editing stream, so you can move and highlight across document boundaries.

Answer 2: Qt4, which is what the Windows version is currently programmed it doesn’t permit this, so although you can see all the documents in turn, they remain separate documents. As a result, up-down movement in Scrivener for Windows is confined within the bounds of each document, not across document boundaries. Scrivening sessions as on the Mac will be coming (apparently) in version 3 in due course.


Hi Mark,

Thanks again for the reply.

I hope this does not come across as argumentative, as that is not my intent.

But while I believe understand what you are saying, Scrivener’s behavior does not seem to line up completely with your comments, as arrow, ctrl+arrow, alt+arrow all navigate across document boundaries in Win Scrivenings mode.

And if for some technical reason the page keys cannot work across boundaries, it is a pity that L&L couldn’t at least implement the normal page functionality within documents in Scrivenings mode, as some of my documents could be 20 pages.

Be that as it may, it is clear that the page keys do not work in Win Scrivenings now, so I will look forward to the next major update and hope for the best!

Thanks again,