Paid full version-can't recover NaNo file from beta ver.

I’ve was using the Scrivener for Windows trial version and I paid for a full version on November 1, 2011. Yesterday, November 7th, I entered my username and Serial Number. My copy was unlocked, however, I was unable to “activate” due to wireless connectivity issues.

Later that evening, I connected to my home network for activation and my tool bar menu indicated that I was already registered. (Under the “Help” menu, there was an option to Unregister or Deregister my copy of Scrivener). There was no link to “activate”

I attempted to activate at the website that was provided ( and received an “invalid number” message. I continued using the software last night. Today when I click my Scrivener icon, I receive a message box telling me my version expired and I should download the updated version…

My entire NaNoWrimo file is in the beta - please help recover the work… I have already paid for my full version of Scrivener.


Did you download 1.0 and install that? Forgive me if I misread, but it sounds like you just entered the registration information into the existing beta. You’ll need to uninstall that version and then install 1.0 and register that. Your work isn’t locked into a particular version; like Word documents, they’re just files stored on your computer and will stick around whether or not you have Scrivener installed on your machine and regardless of what version you’ve got. Once you get 1.0 installed, you’ll be able to access them via Open Existing Projects and carry on working.

Before making the switch, you can back up your projects for extra security by navigating to their location in Explorer and creating a zipped copy of each project’s .scriv folder by right-clicking on it and choosing “Send to / compressed (zipped) file”. If you’re not sure where you saved the projects, try running a Windows search for “.scriv” and checking the file path on the results. By default Scrivener would’ve prompted you to save them in your Documents folder, but you could have chosen another location.

Then uninstall Scrivener either by navigating to the directory where you installed it and running uninstall.exe from the Scrivener directory or by using the Windows Control Panel (either “Add/Remove Programs” or “Programs and Features”, depending on your OS version). Download the 1.0 trial from here, saving the file when prompted, and then open that in Windows Explorer and double-click the .exe to run the installer.

Once the program is installed, when you launch it you should get a box saying that you’re using a trial version which will give you 30 days of use. Click the option to “Enter Licence…” and then paste in your serial name and number from your receipt to go through the registration process. When that’s done, the trial will be unlocked so you won’t get the nag box any more, and you can carry on with your work. The “Recent Projects” menu will be empty to start, so you’ll need to open your projects the first time via the standard Open menu. You’ll also need to reset any preferences and toolbar customizations, as these will be reset to the defaults (making sure you don’t have any potential buggy carry over from the betas). Any custom templates, your personal word list, and saved compile settings will all still be in your user AppData (or Application Data) folder, unaffected by the reinstall.

Thanks Jennifer - that all makes sense. Slight panic set in w/ the nanowrimo timeline and the possibility of lost work. I’ll do as you suggest. Thanks again for the prompt response, I appreciate it.

Best Regards,