Paid to pen a "white paper"

I work in the non-profit sector in the US and have written magazine articles and book chapters (as a volunteer) for my professional organization for years. I also write a blog for fellow professionals, and it’s been going strong for about 16 months. I posted twice a week during the first year, now I post one time per week.

All this writing has been leading up to something - not huge - but something, as I have just used Scrivener to complete a White Paper for an industry partner - and they paid me handsomely to do so. Writing stuff is not a big deal to me - I’ve also completed two novels as part of Nanowrimo - but being hired to write something is kind of a big deal, if only because I know there are not that many people who can make the claim. But there are many who would like to.

Thank you Scrivener!!!