Painfully Newbish Export Question

Okay, so maybe I’m an idiot but I can’t figure this out. When I go to File -> Compile Short Story -> Print -> Open PDF in Preview, I see the following:

Your Name
Your address
Your phone number
Your e-mail address

I’ve changed this to the correct information on First Page Header card on the Corkboard and can’t find any place else that it needs to be changed. I’m apparently missing something obvious. Any advice will rock.


Have you put a check mark next to all of the files you want to include when Scrivener compiles? or checked the box at the bottom of the compile window that says include all?


The index card by default just shows you the first few lines of text in the underlying document, but doesn’t change the underlying document because the index card can hold an entirely different piece of text (the synopsis). So, rather than changing what is on the index card (and I ought to change that for a future version of the Short Story template as I can see why that would be confusing), you need to change the underlying text of the document.

The way to do it is actually explained in the template itself. This is from the “Short story format” document at the top of projects created using the short story template:

In other words:

• Click on the folder entitled “First page header”.

• Click the corkboard icon in the toolbar.

You will now see the text you need to change.

Hope that helps!

All the best,

Thank you!