Painless Upgrade

I reecently saw an upgrade was available, but I didn’t bother to install it as I was busy doing other things.

When I had time to install the update, I took the precaution of checking the forums first, in case there were any problems with the upgrade. I saw a couple of posts about dodgy upgrades, including one that matched my own specifications (Scrivener 1.5.7.x -> on Windows 7), steeled myself for the worst – well, having to download a new of copy 1.6 and installing it again – and clicked the update button.

The semi-automated download and installation worked without a hitch and, so far, everything seems fine with 1.6.0 :smiley:

Glad you had a smooth update! The trouble seems to be just a clog on the servers that caused the download time to be much longer than usual for some folk. Downloading the full 1.6 installer is always an option (and it can be installed directly over the old version, just like an update)–even if it also takes a while, it can be done via the browser in the background, letting you continue working in Scrivener if you wish.