Paint and Particles

Oh blast, K! And I was one post off of finally hitting 100 on the other board. :slight_smile:

The new place looks nice. I like the expanded focus on all things Lit. It makes me warm and fuzzy. And though I am quite biased, the Icon looks incredibly swank with the page design.

Glad you like the new site. Your icon does definitely look nice as a favicon, as well as against the white background of the new site. :slight_smile: I did take a look to see if I could restore your post count, at least, but it seems that there is no option available for doing so.

I’m happy you like the expanded focus, too. It would be nice if eventually enough people stop by to use the forums to chat about literature and writing rather than having a solely Scrivener-focused forum. I’ve hung around a few writers’ forums in the past, such as, but there was just too much pedanticism, superiority and downright horribleness for me to stay around for long, which is why I thought it might be nice at least to have a place here for such things.

Actually, it’s pedantry. (oblig.)

I like the site design also. I am looking forward to hanging out here.

One question - I am a great believer in retaining community history (indeed, it has been a major part of what I do in Mornington Crescent Land). I know that you can’t transfer the forum posts from the old ProBoard site, but could you post a link somewhere so we can get back there if need be?

LOL. I asked for that one.

That is a good idea. I will add a link when I get around to it.

I used to be a heavy regular on — to the point of being promoted into some status there. Sort of left for the same reasons as you, even though still keep in touch with a few great people I met there, and keep paying for their membership.

I found to be superior in terms of quality of writers per membership capita. It’s also free.

Living in French-speaking world, as a Russian, it isn’t easy to be a part of a tight English-speaking writers community… So networking on-line is my only chance.