Pairing indexcard and external folder sync?


I’m trying to maximise my use of my scrivener documents when I only have my iPad or iPhone. IndexCard has the most data (Synopsis, Notes and Text), whereas External Folders give me the best text editing experience (I use Writeroom on iOS).

I would love to use the two together (IndexCard for Synopsis and Notes) then External Folders for the text. However, this causes a clash as IndexCard sync (in Scrivener) can only be Synopsis only or Synopsis, Notes and Text. This means I would get conflicts between my external folder edits and the text in IndexCard.

I am currently cutting and pasting the text from IndexCard into Writeroom and then (hopefully) remembering to paste it back into IndexCard, then doing the IndexCard dropbox sync.

It would be great if the IndexCard sync could allow just “Synopsis and Notes” as another option, so I could work on my text using external folders and my structure and notes using Index Card.

Is this something that would be possible?