Pandoc Defaults: a new Scrivener workflow

Pandoc V2.8 was released a while ago, and one of the new great features is a way to “collect” a bunch of settings together and store it in a single “recipe”. You can then call one or more of these recipe files together, allowing you to make a single call to pandoc without any other requirements. If this sounds familiar, it it what tools like pandocomatic or others do — you can think of all these workflows as “Pandoc Managers” using recipes.

Anyway, this new workflow will allow you to use different Scrivener compile format to manage all the many possible pandoc settings. These defaults are stored in the pandoc-data-directory – /Users/MyUserName/.local/share/pandoc/defaults – as simple YAML text files.

I converted my some of my pandocomatic recipes to defaults files as a demonstration of this capability, and a small readme available here: … r/defaults

The obvious advantage of this over using other “Pandoc Managers” is simplicity, you only need Pandoc. The disadvantage is that other features that Pandoc Managers like pandocomatic provide are not available (for me this the convenience of calling pre/postprocessor scripts). But I think for quite a few people this will provide a good middle ground, not having to specify a long command line by keeping a set of recipes for use.

Recent releases V2.11-V2.12 have made this system even more flexible, see viewtopic.php?f=21&t=65586 for more details…