Pandoc V2.12 released — defaults workflow improved...

Pandoc V2.12 is now available:

If you use homebrew, then you can install or update automatically from there (brew update;brew upgrade). The biggest new feature for Scrivener users is the addition of path expansion for defaults files. This now means defaults files can reference files relative to your home or pandoc folders, or be “portable” so they are relative to the defaults file itself (so you could put the defaults and other files in the Scrivener compile folder so everything is in one place).

Here is a simple example.

pandoc -d pdf-prince

This will call a full workflow where custom HTML templates are used to create an intermediate HTML file which is then passed to PrinceXML to convert into a PDF. The defaults file looks like this:

defaults: html
css: ${USERDATA}/templates/print.css
from: markdown
to: pdf
output-file: Out.pdf
pdf-engine: prince
pdf-engine-opt: ['--page-size=A4'] … rince.yaml

It inherits from another defaults file then adds a CSS file that is relative to the pandoc data directory to specify some prince-specific CSS. In general defaults files really simplify managing sets of Pandoc settings. Some Scrivener-specific details are here: … /