Pandoc + Vim

After a spending a fair bit of time with Scrivener (and Ulysses) I’ve concluded that I really like it. It really shines at moving around chunks of varying sized text and helping the writer move between the big picture overview and the actual words.

Two things keep me from committing to it, however. One is idiosyncratic. I want type, edit, and in general manipulate text with Vim key commands (heck, even emacs users want that). One can use QuickCursor to pop in and out of vim mode but I found that it interrupts my workflow.

The second is the choice of supported markup language. Pandoc seems to me to be a better markup language and of course a much better and more flexible conversion system. See I suspect that soon pandoc will have MMD as another accepted input format to go along with markdown, reStructuredText, Textile, HTML, and LaTeX. And in addition to 17 output formats, it’s got some nicer syntax choices, and much better citation and bibliography support.

So, for now I will stick with pandoc & Vim. But keep up the good work!