PANIC: new installation & can't open file of 65,000 words!

OK, please excuse me if this doesn’t make much sense
I installed the new version of Scrivener, although the installation seemed to be taking a long time, and when I now click on the file I get the error message ‘You can’t open the application “” because it is not supported on this architecture’.
I am trying not to think about what I would do if I have lost this file!!!
please help

OK, recovered file from trash as per suggestion to another thread. might avoid installing the next version! That was pretty scary… :open_mouth:

Are you writing everything in the tutorial? Use File > New Project to start your own projects.
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And if you have problems with the Sparkle updater, you can always download the DMG from the web site and manually re-install it.

Oh wait, I think Amber is right and that I misunderstood. I think there was a bug in the 1.51 updater on the first day it was released which was fixed very quickly, but the few users that downloaded the 1.51 update a few weeks ago in the first hours may experience problems updating, as you did. The problem is that the application gets moved to the trash (and cannot be run from there) but the new one does not launch as it should, the updater becoming hung. As Amber says, in that case, just download 1.52 from the product web page and install it over your old version rather than using the updater.

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Thanks for that. I had teh same panic. I’ve reinstalled, and it’s all OK now. :smiley: