Panic: New Text Files Automatically Filled w/Deleted Text

So Scrivener is behaving SO oddly. I even created a new project to see if that would fix it, but no: when I create a new text file, regardless of where it is, it doesn’t come blank. It comes filled with text from other projects.

There’s no order to this; it isn’t chronological, or even all from the same project. Just… new text file = filled with old text.

Any ideas what’s going on?

I’m a new user, but I’m experiencing a similar problem. I was hoping someone would have answered this. When I select New Text, it opens a character sketch filled with the data from one of my characters. It is from the same project, but I do not have many projects in Scrivener yet. I have no idea how change the default to have it bring up just a blank document. I have to reformat it each time, which is quite inconvenient and time consuming. Did you find a solution to this?

I just experienced the same problem a few days ago. I didn’t realize the extent of the problem until today.

It started when I was working on a project in Scrivener and my computer froze. I had to shut it down manually. After I rebooted, I went into Scrivener to continue work on the project and all of the work that I had done in maybe the past hour or so was gone. I got an error message that said there was something wrong with a line on the template or something before opening the file. Anyway, I was upset, but the work was just for a novel template so it wasn’t the end of the world.

Today, I was back to work on some different projects. I wanted to add a new text file, and when I did there was a line from the lost template project I had been working on days earlier already on the page. I tried to add another text file, and the same thing happened but with the next line from the lost template. I kept adding text and folders, and each one had another piece of the lost template work I had been doing.

I kept adding files until one came up blank like it is supposed to. Now everything seems to back to normal. It seems like it had something to do with my computer freezing and the way that Scrivener saves files, but it was still really weird. It was the first time that I ever lost anything I was working on in Scrivener.

Have any of you had Scrivener duplicate your files randomly? This happened to me, Scrivener duplicated every file in my project. I tried to create a new project and when I created new files, they would come populated with text from files in the duplicated project.

I know your issue isn’t exactly the same as mine. BUT, since both end up with the “automatically populating a blank doc” problem, I wonder if they stem from the same issue/bug.

I did uninstall and reinstall Scrivener, which did not fix the problem. In doing so, though, I found out that there was an update available. Now every file I have has to be updated when I open it, and doing so creates a duplicate file, which is kind of frustrating. For some reason, I thought Scrivener looked for updates automatically, but I was using 1.5 and got updated to 1.9 which was from 2015 as far as I could tell.