Paper position in composition mode


I did a search and it came up with a post that suggested this was done already, but it doesn’t seem to quite work for me so here goes…

I’m on Scrivener 3, and in composition mode the paper position feature has 5 preset positions, far left of the monitor, left-centre, centre, centre-right, far right.

It would be great if I could have more flexibility to position the paper via a slider (vs the few preset position) similar to the paper width.

Is this done already and I’m just not seeing it/using it correctly?

If it’s not done, is it possible?
I use a wide screen at the moment and having the flexibility to fine tune the position would really help with using the space more effectively.

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Any response to this, at all?
Is it possible, and if so, likely to be implemented?

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Hi Micha

I have a slider for paper position in Composition mode. Do you have the latest version? I am running Scrivener 3.1.5 under MacOS 10.15.3.



Hi Ray,

and thanks for replying.

Odd…I have Scrivener 3.1.5 (12258) as well, but running on Mac OS 10.13.6.

Could it have anything to do with the OS?
That might be even odder though, as I have a slider for paper width, but only a handful of preset positions for paper position.

In any case I can’t go any higher on the OS - I’m on a 2011 MacBook Pro (believe it or not I have an even older MacBook Pro on which I run various v2 Scrivener versions).

Does everyone else see a slider for paper position?
Any suggestions/comments?

Many thanks again, Ray.


I’m on the latest macOS and Scrivener and have just the five paper positions mentioned.

Apologies to Micha and thanks to Auxbuss. I did not see the little notches ! :blush:

No worries, Ray (we’ve all done something like that :slight_smile: ), and thanks auxbuss.

Perhaps someone from the Scrivener team could respond…?


I agree with Micha, Scrivener Team.
Would it be possible to make it a slider or, at least, a ten notches horizontal displacement?

I have a widescreen monitor too, and they’re always more common.
That five-position setting is okay only if I activate the PIP/PBP option to divide it into two half. Otherwise, it’s a pain, and I have to move everything or to write on the edge of the monitor – which is frankly weird, so I’m moving the keyboard, touchpad, and seat all the time I need to write in “Composition Mode.”

Would it be possible to have such an enhancement?

Thank you very much in advance for your attention and time.

Hi again,
any possibility to see this implemented?

Thank you very much in advance for your attention.

Just to clarify, the expected behavior (Scrivener 3.2.2) is sliders for paper width and height (hold the Option key to turn the width slider into a height slider), and the five fixed positions for paper position.

I suspect that using fixed paper positions makes it easier to account for variance in display sizes. We consider all wish list requests, though, and will take this under advisement.


Thanks Katherine. It would make a significant improvement/optimisation of screen space if the paper position were as customisable as paper width.
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Thanks for your feedback, Katherine.

Even if a slider with no fixed position would be great, I would equally appreciate it if there would be a 10 fixed position to chose from.