Paper size

Hello everyone.
I’m a new member and i have a question, i simply hope it hasn’t benn considered early (i did a “search” but haven’t found anything).
So i’d like to know : when you’re in full screen mode, you can chose the paper width. I’d like to know how can you choose the same size as a A4 size for it.
(excuse my english this isn’t my natural language).

Erm, well, seeing as it doesn’t have any bearing on exporting, I would simply hold a piece of A4 paper up to the screen and resize to fit, and then increase my font size to satisfaction.

This has no bearing on printing - it is all about making the output easy for YOU to read.

The “paper width” in full screen is really just a useful term rather than something that has any bearing on real paper. It will look quite different when exported - for that, use the Print & preview feature in Export Draft.
All the best,

Oh ok :laughing:
Sometime i’m so stupid!