Paper Texture Scaling


Quick question: How do the Scrivener internals handle the scaling and placement of text background images (as specified in Preferences > Appearance)? Reason being, I have my editor width set to be 1400px, fixed size, and centered. Yet when I load a beautiful parchment texture with browned edges that’s 1400 by 900, it doesn’t get placed starting at the paper’s edges; what’s more, Scrivener seems to want to chop the image in half and then stitch it back together again, which of course looks ugly. Just wondering, what’s going on?


Hmm, I’m not sure. Scrivener just uses Cocoa’s NSColor +colorWithPatternImage: for this, which loads the image and lays it out in a pattern. i.e. It’s all handled by Apple’s code, not by Scrivener (as much as I hate to sound like a stuck record with, “I just use an Apple method for that, blame them!”). That’s quite a large image you’re using - the method is generally designed for repeating patterns.

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