Paperback compile 6x9 facing pages

Hello! I need help compiling to a PDF for CreateSpace/Ingram Spark paperback self-publishing.

First of all, I worked really hard getting each page to look exactly how I want it. It is compiling perfectly to a PDF–until I realized it was an 8 1/2 x 11, instead of the 6x9 I need. Once I change the settings to Paperback compile, it completely destroys my front and back matter.

My question: How do I keep my formatting how I have it, yet still have a 6x9 book with facing pages? Is there any way to do this and keep my pages “as is”?

I’ve been reading forums and the scrivener manual for quite some time now, and I still can’t get it to look how I want. Thank you so much for your help!

Could you clarify some specifics on what you mean here? For example,what does it mean when you say you have worked to make each page look exactly like you want? Were you manually breaking pages in the editor and using carriage returns and spaces and tabs to put words here and there, or what? I can’t think of any way to put the round peg of US Letter into the square hole of 6x9 if that’s what you mean. If a word is set to be 6.5“ over to the right and 10” down, it’s going to be off the page no matter because that’s bigger than the page.

Well, in a very simple fashion, there is the “As-Is” checkbox in the Inspector, which can be flagged for sections that have special formatting (like a dedication page might). I wouldn’t recommend that as a global solution though, for if you need a global as-is the correct answer is to disable format override in the first place, with the checkbox at the top in the Formatting compile pane.