Paperback cover in Compile?

Having compiled an ebook version, I want to do a paperback version too, but there’s nowhere for the cover. Where does it go? And of course there’ll be a spine and back on the paperback version…?
(Also, what’s the difference between Paperback (with parts) and Paperback?)

Typically, the publishing company you’re using for the paperback will want the cover images separate from the manuscript file. You’d create these separately in an appropriate graphics program, not in Scrivener. Some places will even provide you a template to use for making the front and back covers, so check with the service to see what they require.

The Paperback Novel and Paperback Novel (with Parts) correspond with the binder hierarchies set up in the Novel and Novel (with Parts) project templates, respectively. If your novel doesn’t have chapters further grouped into Part One, Part Two, etc., you’ll just want to use the Paperback preset. It may still need some tweaking for your particular project, but less than the (with Parts) version.

What you may rather do, if you already have compile settings for your specific project that you’ve laboured over, is to first make sure you’ve saved your current settings via the “Manage Compile Format Presets…” menu option from the Format As pop-up button (once you’re managing them, just click the “+” button to create a new preset from your current settings), then in a second Scrivener project, open Compile and choose the Paperback Novel preset. If you squeeze the windows side by side on your screen, you can click through to see the differences in the setup between that and your own preset. That may help you to make the alterations you want for compiling to PDF or print while giving you a better idea of what you’re changing from the current version.

This current project is going to be for a print-on-demand company - do they ask for the cover, spine and back cover separately, d’you know?
I tried to use ‘Ebook (with parts)’ compile for a book formatted with chapters and scenes, but it didn’t seem to like it much.

Most want it as a separate PDF or PNG, but just check their website or call and talk to a rep there so you can get the exact specifications, since every company may be a little different about this. CreateSpace, for instance, has a template you can use.

Right, the “with parts” signifies that it expects a binder set up more along the lines of

Part One
– Chapter one
---- Scene one
---- Scene two
– Chapter two
---- Scene three
Part Two
– Chapter three

and so on. If you’re working with just chapters and scenes, you don’t need to use any of the “with parts” presets.

Yup, that’s what I had.