Paperback novel compile issue

When I want to add emphasis to a word I underline it. This makes it easier for me to spot than using italics (which is how I want it to look compiled). When I compile the draft, I select “convert underlines to italics” and this works for all other presets, except “Paperback novel.” Is there something I’m missing, or is it a bug?

I think this is actually a font problem in the preset configuration. Is the font you are getting for the body text with this preset Lucida Grande? If so, that’s because the base font used in the preset itself as shipped, requires a font that unfortunately isn’t on most Macs. This mistake will be rectified in the next release. For now, if this is the problem, try turning on the quick font override and changing it to something you have installed that also has italics (Lucida Grande does not, so the underlines just disappear).

If it isn’t Lucida Grande let me know—or if you still see underlines when you shouldn’t.

Thanks for your feedback. The font does look like Lucinda Grande. I’m still a few months from finishing the novel so as long as Scrivener is fixed by then it’s not a big deal. I was putting together some proofs when I noticed the issue. Thanks again.

It will be “fixed” in the next update (it’s not a bug, just a font setting for a font that isn’t available on many systems), but as Ioa points out, you can also fix it yourself by changing the font in Compile - all of the compile presets are just made using the compile pane, so there’s nothing in any preset that you can’t do, change or fix yourself. Ioa’s solution of using Quick Font Override will take to seconds to do and will fix it if you do want to test it out in the meantime; even when I update the preset, you may prefer a different font anyway.

All the best,