Paperback Novel for windows

I have watched the tutorial videos for formatting for Createspace and the tutorial mentions the preset compile setting paperback novel. Is this available for the windows version as well? If so how do I find it. If not, does anyone have a good way to set up template for Createspace in windows?


This preset isn’t in the Windows version, but you can create your own compile settings and save them as a preset. You might want to start with something like the Standard Novel Manuscript, as that will have the basic outline in the formatting going off the Novel template–of course if you structure your work differently you may need to tweak it, but it will probably be a good base. You will want to pretty it all up of course, since you probably don’t want double-spaced Courier New for your published book. So you’ll want to play around a bit and run some compiles to PDF to see how things look, tweak some options, compile again, etc. The other main point will be fixing up the Page Settings in compile for the appropriate sizes as specified by CreateSpace. What you can’t do here yet is have mirrored margins, with recto and verso headings, so if that’s necessary you’ll still need to compile to RTF and then make these final layout adjustments in another word processor that can give you a little more control over these aspects.

Thank you very much. I hope the preset comes available for Windows soon though :slight_smile: I’ll play with it and see what I can do.

Love the ebook options :slight_smile: