Paperback on Amazon: TOC styling

Good morning !

Getting down to the finish…

Can anyone help ? Trying to get the rendered TOC to look like the attachment.
I’m using a front matter binder and the TOC example I’m using is…

Introduction <$p>
Start at the End <$p>
The Power of Imagination <$p>
How to Add Reality to Imaginings <$p>

Is there some way to get the dots in there without adding them by hand?
Thanks !
TOC Style.jpg


To add dotted underlines to tabs, you can use Format > Underline > Dotted.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks, Keith, for the reply.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t get the page numbers right justified in the same column.

Any other suggestions ? :wink:

You have set right-aligned tabs, yes?

  1. Show ruler
  2. Hit tab
  3. Right click tab mark in ruler and choose tab format you want from pop-up menu
  4. Adjust tab position in ruler