Paperback > PDF formatting issue

So I’m using the canned 5.06 x 7.81 paperback format, which I would like output to a pdf.

The problem is, after compiling, paragraph indentations are all over the map, it seems. I’m able to output to iBook, Kindle and manuscript with the correct indentations throughout. But paperback is absolutely driving me up the wall. I would like to have a pdf output that I can upload to Barnes and Noble publishing for a single print, but I cannot rectify the indentation problem. I’m vexed because I’m not using a modified paperback format.

Any idea what might be going on? I’ve tried going through the Project>Project Settings and the Default Preferences, but nothing works…

Very very frustrated this is so difficult.

Two most likely possibilities:

You have tabs in the body of the manuscript (sometimes), which are interacting with the indents prescribed by the Section Layouts. View -> Text Editing -> Show Invisibles to see tabs, Edit -> Text Tidying -> Strip Leading Tabs to get rid of them.

Or, you’re using inconsistent Section Layout specifications: not all sections at the same hierarchical level have the same specification.

You might also get weird formatting if there’s something in the manuscript that is too big to fit in the paperback page. This often happens in tables of contents in particular.


Thanks a bunch! Text tidying worked!