Paperback support needs imporving

Your support and guidance for creating the PDF file for Createspace needs to be better.

  1. The default for “nonfiction with sub-heads” should be like you would print for a book, not a double-spaced manuscript!

  2. You need a box diagram showing the boundaries of the page and the settings that affect them Margin, Header Footer, Gutter.

  3. Createspace even asked about “bleed area” for the interior of its books. Since I didn’t have any full-page graphics, I ignored this. I suspect that the correct thing to actually do is make you book 6.125" by 9.25" not 6" by 9".

There is a good instruction for how to do this in Ed Ditto’s book “How to format your novel for Kindle, Nook, the iBookstore, Smashwords & Createspace”.