Papers 3 - Citation Tool

Hi guys,

First of all, thanks for the great piece of software. Few hours in the trial, and I already like it so much. Little problem though.

  1. When I use MS Word, I am able to insert citations using the Papers 3 Citation tool for Windows. But when I try to do the same in the Scrivener word processor, it doesn’t give me the option to insert the citation, or insert cite key. I have to copy the citation to the clipboard, and manually paste it. Why?

  2. The impossible task of auto-generating bibliography! According to this page, all I need to do in Scrivener is to
    get something like {Smith:1991tu},
    compile to RTF
    open the RTF file in MS Word, and save as .doc or .docx
    try to generate the bibliography

But when I run the citation tool, it doesn’t recognize the citations in the file. It expects me to insert the citations all over again, and then it generates bibliography. This is double the work.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is there no way to make the citation tool generate the bibliography through 'Scrivener > .rtf > .docx" method?

Please let me know if you know the answer.