Papyrus Autor

Some days ago, the Berlin based software company R.O.M. Logicware has shipped a new version of its wordprocessor Papyrus. It’s not an update or an upgrade, but some kind of special edition destined for authors and other lovers of careful writing. Not surprisingly, it is called Papyrus Autor.

I don’t have the time to enter into details, but Papyrus Autor wants to be essentially a tool for stilistic refinement of a text in its final stages. It is based on certain ideas of a German bestseller author called Andreas Eschbach. Those among us who can read German and are interested in such a thing, should definitely take a look.

For a brief description of Papyrus Autor, see here.

For Eschbach’s ideas, see here.

Thanks for passing that along Timotheus.

For those of us who can’t read German what are the highlights? And is there going to be an English version?

I emailed them thru the Papyrus website after the book fair last week and naturally haven’t gotten a reply from them. I have yet to get a reply to an email from the Papyrus folks. Perhaps no one there speaks English.


This is from the Google translation.

What I notice is Euro 149, not cheap software.
When will papyrus AUTHOR appear?
Papyrus is the author since 22 October 2008.
What is the price?
149th - Euro incl.
I can from the previous nor current papyrus papyrus AUTHOR 2008 to upgrade?
Certainly. Who papyrus recently in 2008, ie within the September / October 2008 has acquired), can be used to price difference from the 50th - the euro on papyrus AUTHOR retrofit.
The normal upgrade from 2008 to papyrus papyrus author costing 69th - Euro.
The papyrus documents from 2008 and papyrus AUTHOR are obviously fully compatible.
I can now papyrus AUTHOR order?
Yes. Just click on our order page and go away.
Delivery is from 23.10.2008 (the release versions are already available on our download server played in the demo download area, the papyrus author demo versions available.
Why Andreas Eschbach knows so much about papyrus AUTHOR?
Andreas Eschbach is essential for us to beta testers, as well as ideas supplier of papyrus AUTHOR been (and will continue to be).
First-friendly contacts at the end of 2007 was an intense cooperation among implementing the ideas that Mr. Eschbach always in a writing program authors have wanted.
For his ideas and criticism, coupled with our decades of experience with developing a writing program, was then papyrus AUTHOR.
Are all the ideas by Andreas Eschbach?
No, but the vast majority, and many of them authoritative (see “”, “the 10-point MOT” for book authors).
Andreas Eschbach is not only a bestselling author, but as a former software developer, lecturer in several writing courses (eg at the Federal Academy Wolfenbüttel) and because of his sharp mind exceptionally suited to a writing program for writers to decisively shape, and he even as we are glad that with him the papyrus AUTHOR succeeded.
Beside him are also several other authors as beta testers and ideas on the development of papyrus AUTHOR involved.
Andreas Eschbach because of papyrus involved?
Only as an idea supplier and pleasantly sharp (constructive) critics as well as beta testers.
Financial benefit from papyrus, he has not (except that we have him deep gratitude for his brilliant ideas and life-long contributions all versions of Papyrus gift will be).
What are the functions papyrus, the former because even for writers?
Many. Papyrus has always had a lot of “pampering” functions for large data recorder ready.
A very good first impression over the article on papyrus on Andreas Eschbach Internet site “” mediate.
At this point we are these days a list of the most appropriate functionality for authors to publish.
Which offers more functionality papyrus AUTHOR compared with the previous papyrus?
Again, Andreas Eschbach papyrus in his article much from the Nähkästchen chat.
The thickest fish “style should Analysis, which essentially Andreas Eschbach” 10-point MOT "has been implemented. To duplicate words in (adjustable) near environment, editable and selectable lists of fillers and “bad words” also highlighted areas which may include poor expression could.
Detailed notes and marking functions are there for you even at a later revision, or even helpful for lecturers.
The breakdown overview allows the sorting of chapters and includes status markers that show you what chapter as well advanced. This has the structure overview (defeatable) visible comments on the headlines, or even between scenes (the latter with a header in the text invisible).
Learn more about this we will be here in the next few weeks publish.
AUTHOR papyrus is the new “big” version of papyrus? Yes and no. AUTHOR papyrus is everything, which is also the current “thickest” Papyrus Office in its current 2008 version of papyrus could and can.
However, we will also OFFICE papyrus (papyrus = 2008) continue to maintain, because in our broad customer base, including many non-writers, you are not many more functions of the papyrus AUTHOR need.
So in the future, two parallel products - just OFFICE papyrus and papyrus AUTHOR - enter.
What does the papyrus-wrought yet for writers, what about the pure software papyrus AUTHOR beyond? We strive to create a network of authors build the example in the papyrus Forum ( help each other.
There is also a writing corner, where you can sit Sample.
Next we will be in our forum also closed reading possible.
AUTHOR Papyrus comes with a detailed brochure on the “around” the letter with lots of tips on how you can publish his work, plus tips for writing itself etc. pp.
For more ideas, we are happy to open.

I am putting this on every order page I create from now on.

Of course, you`ll have to adapt yours to read, hop off or bounce away
Take care

The German original says:
“Kann ich jetzt schon Papyrus AUTOR bestellen?
Ja. Einfach auf unsere Bestellseite gehen und loslegen.”

Translated by a human:
“Can I order Papyrus AUTOR right now?
Yes. Simply open our order page and get started.”

No need to ridicule the developers of Papyrus AUTOR for the bullsh*t Google produces.


BTW: The article on which a number of the features in Papyrus AUTOR are based is quite good. I read it a few weeks ago in a German writers magazine. If you are interested in an English version: Just ask AndreasE here in the forum. :slight_smile:

Aha! Our own dearly beloved! I knew the name rang a bell when I clicked through to the “10-Punkte-TÜV” site yesterday. :slight_smile:

It’s an interesting concept. My German, pathetically rudimentary at best, is very rusty, but it looks as though Papyrus Autor might offer useful objective review input to the revision process. If they bring out an English version, I will certainly take a look.

Many years ago, I trialled an extremely expensive style-checker for work (PC not Mac; I wish I could remember the name of the package) and it was a fascinating exercise which taught me long-lasting lessons. Until the software pointed it out to me, I hadn’t realised how often I used words like “however”, for example. Ultimately, the company I worked for decided that they couldn’t justify the expense of buying multiple copies, so they abandoned the software, but I have always been grateful for the experience. It picked up several unintentional quirks that a “real” editor wouldn’t necessarily bother commenting on because that level of comment can be a bit nit-picky (and counter-productive in the environment I was working in), but which I was pleased to have the opportunity to iron out.

One question… Does the AUTOR version of Papyrus come with the BASE database, or is it an extended version of a subset of existing functionality? My translation skills reached their limit before I could find out.

On the page they say that both Papyrus 2008 and Papyrus Autor come with the spreadsheet and the relational data base plus the Duden Korrektor.


Thank you, Franz.

Just to be clear - I never intended to be critical of the developers… I knew Google was the cause, I just found it amusing.


Thanks for putting that straight :slight_smile:

You can actually download the demo here but unless your German is excellent it’s pointless.

I got a reply from Ulli Ramps at R.O.M. Logicware, the makers of Papyrus and they are working on an English translation now that he said is ‘coming soon’ so thought I would pass on the good news.


Thanks for the info, Jeff. I can tell that I am soon going to have to make a further embarrassing admission in the “Taking Stock” word processor confessional thread! :slight_smile: My excuse is that I need a database…

After having played with the demo-version for some time, some two weeks ago I decided to buy Papyrus. Very nice program; somewhat underestimated among Mac users (or so it seems to me), and not very well known outside the German speaking world.

Yesterday, about a fortnight after my purchase, I received an email from the developer, who asked me if everything was going well, and offered his assistance, if I should need some, by mail or by phone.

I have ordered a lot of programs in the past few years, but never got an email like this one. Very sympathetic!

Welcome to the world of Papyrus. I bought it almost three years ago, and found it stable, fast, and predictable. Good enough to layout a book and present the PDFs to the printer.

Indeed, it seems like many do not know about this powerful program. 'Tis a shame.