Paragraft, the iPad and MMD

I’m just exploring MMD (and Markdown in general), so this is a basic noob question. Would Paragraft, a (new?) iPad app for Markdown, work with Scrivener and the MMD import options to create a rtf document? Anybody familiar with it?

I played around with it a bit. The biggest drawback I see is that it doesn’t seem to have much by way of getting material into it—so it doesn’t look like it will be a good companion for Scrivener in the realm of Dropbox folder syncing or anything like that—but as a text editor it seems decent, more so if you prefer Markdown since it has tools for adding syntax easily. From what I can see, you can only export rich text, which is kind of strange, but that means you would merely import it normally. MultiMarkdown import won’t help you out here as that needs an actual plain-text MMD document.

I did only spend a few minutes with it though, so I might be missing something.