Paragraph alignment and spacing

Hello all, old writer but new Scrivener user here. I am trying to add a little space before the start of each paragraph (like a Tab). Unlike other writing tools I don’t see a ruler on top of the document that would allow me to adjust it thus. Can anyone tip me on how to make it happen?

Hi, and welcome to the forums! I’ve moved this topic up to the Mac version’s Technical Support, as the Tips & Tricks section is really for sharing hints with other users.

You can show the ruler in the editor by selecting Format>Show Ruler or hitting Cmd-R; from there, you can adjust the indents and tab stops as in a regular word processor. What you may prefer to do is set your global preferences this way by going into Scrivener>Preferences and under the Formatting tab, setting up the ruler there so the sample text appears the way you want your documents formatted. This will affect all new documents created; you can use Documents>Convert>Formatting to Default Text Style to adjust the formatting in existing documents (you can select multiple documents in the biner and then select this menu option to convert them all at once).

If you’ve already set up a document in your editor the way you’d like them all to appear, you can just click the “Use Current” button on the preferences page to make that your default going forward.

Hope that helps!

You are most helpful, thank you :slight_smile: