Paragraph end sign in selection

There is lack of exeption in applying formatting to whole paragraph. Here is example of a problem.

Lets say there is paragraph and I want to make it bold. I’m selecting it either by tripleclick or by generic selection. Ctrl+B.

Now I want to start next paragraph and it will be bold too, simply because editor did made invisible paragraph sign also bold. It’s not a bug, but in Windows (too lazy for check if the same is true on Macs) this behaviour is strictly nono (invisible symbols at the end of selection should not be affected by formatting).

I don’t know about Windows in general (do you mean WordPad?), but in Word if I triple click on a paragraph set it to bold, then tap the End key and Enter to start a new one, the new one will be bold as well. As far as I know, this is how all rich text editors in the WYSIWYG era work. It’s not that the carriage return is selected, but rather that when you press Return on the end of a line, your caret is actually before the carriage return, not after it, and thus within the paragraph that is bold. Consider it this way:

Text text text.\nText Text.

That’s what it looks like to a machine. To you it looks like:

Text text text. Text text.

So let’s use ** for bold and ^ for caret. Here is what it looks like to a machine in step one:

**Text text text.^**\nText text.

There is nothing in between the end-bold and newline that the caret can “physically” go to, so it must be adjacent to the period. This is how it has always been ever since Word popularised the notion of not working in codes, as in WordPerfect. In WordPerfect you could have absolutely positioned your caret in between the bold coding and the carriage return, but Word decided that was too complicated and now we have this simplified model in popular usage. :slight_smile:

So step two is:

**Text text text.\n^**\nText text.

Because character insert happens to the left of the caret. Thus the newline is inserted in between the caret and the full stop, and so falls within the bold range. And frankly this is what most people want. Consider how cumbersome it would be to have to turn italic back on after every line, when writing poetry or a long italicised portion of a book.

Thanks for reply. Seems that my brevity prevented me from being clear enough - English is my second language. So I have recorded 2 videos, one from Word on Windows (this behaviour is normal here):

…and one in Scrivener:

As you can see, on selecting whole paragraph in second video, cursor blinks at the beginning of new pararagraph (unlike Word). Hope that this is finally clear description. Again, it’s not a bug, but really distracting “feature”.

Got it, thanks.