Paragraph formatting issues almost like center? Word-wrap acting very strang...

I imported this text from Fountain format.

Edward is loading up the trunk, it has the work out vest, a few yoga pads, some workout rubber bands, a push up roller, a gym bag that he opens it reveals some work out clothes a pair of running shoes. He pulles out of the gym bag some goggles. He then takes his street bicycle that is hanging on the wall from behind him and takes off the front wheel and puts this into the trunk, folding down the rear seats. On the garage wall we can see Iron Man posters. He has a treadmill next to the car. Edward is wearing a pair of glasses. He gets into the car starts it up drives out of the garage and clicks the button to close the garage door. We see the door closing behind the car. Morning talk radio is playing on the car stereo.

I cannot undo the gy-m bag E-dward. Super annoying.

anyone have a solution? vs. retyping everything?

Sorry, your post is mangled – the line you’re quoting goes off the edge of the page, so it’s not possible to see what the problem you’re asking about is.

Perhaps you could post a screenshot?