Paragraph formatting

Sorry in advance if this is a really noobish question but I have tried to fix it to no avail.

I’m using the Novel with Parts template.
The formatting for the paragraph is indented on the first line.

I changed that for a few lines of text which were not traditional dialogue/narrative and did not need to follow that format.

The only problem is that now I can’t get the rest of the text to follow that initial set up of first line indent/indent after return.

I tried the ‘Copy formatting’ option but it doesn’t seem to work, it just makes everything indented.

Is there a way to reapply the default settings?

I know that there are pre-sets, but on the ‘presets’ button it’s not clear to me which pre-set is actually the default one that is applied by the template.

Can anyone shed any light?

When you hit a carriage return, the new paragraph that creates will retain the same settings of the previous paragraph.

I am not looking at a Novel-in-Parts templated project, but in my project the default paragraph style is called ‘Body’ in the style pop-up menu on the formatting toolbar.

You can also manually set the first-line indent of your paragraph by dragging the appropriate little widget on the Ruler. Subsequent paragraphs made by carriage return after than one will retain that setting.


Thanks Greg, I guess I didn’t expect the carriage return to preserve the settings from the previous paragraph.
I will try to re-set the formatting manually with the ruler and then see what happens after hitting return. Won’t be able to try until I get home from work now, but will report back. Thanks again :slight_smile: