Paragraph indent changing - help!

After cutting back and forth between Scrivener and Word too quickly (I should have “pasted and matched style” but didn’t in places), I have a seemingly two different paragraph indents happening throughout my manuscript.

Can someone give me the SLOW, step by step (screen shots help) way to make the whole manuscript consistent again?

I have my chapters separated into folders - about 30 folders in total - all with a mish-mash of different indents.

Actually there is only step you need to take. :slight_smile: This is such a common thing that needs fixing, since formatted text is rarely ever like any other piece of formatted text, that there is a built in command for quickly making everything uniform again. Just use the Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style menu command. You can do that on a single document to see how it works, especially if there are attributes you wish to retain (those options will be provided when you select the command). When you are ready, just select everything in the binder that needs to be fixed and run that same command on them all en masse.


One thing I’ve had trouble with is preserving a few things:

My chapter titles (which I put atop each chapter) and occasional small bits of copy are centered. It’s not that big of a deal to re-center them but can that formatting be preserved when I convert?

Also - I often lose the italicized words.

Any suggestions? Thanks again!

That is referred to as “alignment”. So the “Preserve Alignment” option will protect these sequences.

At what point? When using this command? I can’t think of anything that would cause sporadic loss of italics with this particular command. There are ways italics can get lost. The most common is switching your text to a font that doesn’t support italics. Lucida Grande is a common culprit here. But that wouldn’t really apply here since this command changes the font universally. You would either always lose italics every time, or never.