Paragraph indent missing

After importing a Word.doc to Scrivener, many of my paragraphs no longer have the first line indented. I can manually fix this, but I can’t find a way to change the entire document. Suggestions appreciated.

If you default Scrivener text format has a first line indent you can use the Documents > Convert to Default Text style command by selecting the documents you want to format in the binder.

To check your default text style go to Edit > Options and click on the editor tab.

Does that help?

Yes, that is helping. Now I need to change the font on all my docs. Can this be done without going to each document individually?

Yes select all documents in question and use convert to default text feature above but make sure you have the correct text attributes in the editor pane in Edit > Options. To change font click on the A icon in the toolbar of the editor pane first.

Thanks for the help.