Paragraph Indentation changes switching to full screen

I have set my formatting on spacing to 0.00 and clicked yes to paragraph indentation but any time I switch to full screen or change zoom percentage it all goes out of line. This all happens when I insert any text into the editor. I constantly have to go over what I have written and reformat it so the dialogue is indented in the right place. I have looked online for help and there seems to be conflicting advice as to whether I should set a manual tab or not for paragraph indentation.

Advice much appreciated. Thank you

The full screen editor and each split of the main editor have independent zoom settings, so if that’s set differently your text may display a little differently. The actual paragraph settings of indent, line spacing, tab stops, etc. are saved as part of the paragraph formatting, so that shouldn’t actually be changing, but the space between the left edge of the editor and your first line will look larger at 300% zoom than 150%.

If you’re describing something else, could you provide more specifics, maybe some screenshots? None of the formatting should change just by switching editors, and I can’t think of any other reports of this sort of thing.

Paragraph indentation should be done with the indent marker on the ruler. That’s a part of paragraph formatting, easy to adjust or override in compile with other formatting, and is standard for word processing these days. Tabs are actual characters inserted into the text, requiring tab stops, good for aligning tabular data in some formats. They don’t translate well to all formats (e.g. ebooks or HTML) and have different meanings in some (e.g. MMD).

Thank you Jennifer,

I will try all these things.