Paragraph Indentations Gone When Pasting In WP

When I copy and paste content into WordPress, for some reason, all of the paragraph indentations get removed. Any idea why this happens or how to work around this issue? It’s a pain to have to go and re-tab the beginnings of each paragraph.

Are you using the first-line indent on the ruler for your indentation? That’s what you’d normally want and is Scrivener’s default setting, as a rich-text editor, but it won’t copy in plain-text to a web form. You’ll need to manually type a tab character when you’re writing in Scrivener if you want it to make the jump.

If you have Word or another word processor available, you could probably speed up the correction on your current work by copying to there, then using the Find/Replace tool with special characters to replace each double carriage return with a double carriage return + tab, then copy that modified text to WordPress.