Paragraph Indention: How to turn it off...

I don’t want my paragraphs indented. I have looked around on how to turn this off and I can’t seem to find it. Am I overlooking this or is this not a feature at the present time?


In Scrivener and other “OS X” applications that use the built-in Cocoa text system, first-line indentation for paragraphs is part of the “ruler” settings. You can access these settings using the ruler, which is available under Text > Ruler > Show Ruler.

With the ruler visible there is a “T” shaped slider that gives the first-line indentation for the paragraph of the currently selected text (or at the insertion point if nothing is selected). Sometimes the bottom of the T will be under a tab marker on the ruler, in which case you might only see the top “-” of the T. If you move the slider all the way to the left, you remove the indentation from the first line of the current or selected paragraph.

You can use the ruler (and the Set Font button) in the Text Editing pane of the Preferences dialog box in the same way to set the default for all new Scrivenings within your project. That way you can have it so that text in all new Scrivenings is not indented.

Similarly, you can impose similar settings at export for Scrivenings where “Preserve Formatting” is unchecked, or by using the Documents > Convert menu item, although these strategies override other text formatting you’ve applied.

I hope this helps!

You might want to check Scr. Preferences, Text Editing, so see how things are set up. You can set up a default format for formatting and text attributes there.