Paragraph indents consistent before Compile?

Going back and forth from Docs to Scrivener leaves Draft with different paragraph indents. Is there a one-step fix before Compile? If not, if that is the only change I want to make to Draft and compile to RTF, how do I do it?

Presumably the compiler was the one making the indent setting adjustments when you exported initially, so it should just be continuing on in doing so without you have to do anything yourself.

But if you really want to change how the editor looks (bearing in mind that often means nothing at all to how the document compiles, it’s just for your benefit—one does not ordinarily have to fester over getting formatting perfect in Scrivener), then this article in the FAQ should help.

When I exported initially, I assumed the indent adjustments would be done automatically but they weren’t. I will read the article you linked. I had trouble opening my Draft that was in the old Scrivener once I updated to 3.0 today. And when I finally figured it out, I can see that the version of my draft isn’t the most current. Not sure why that is, as I thought editing was saved as it was done. Anyway it’s midnight here, so will carry on tomorrow. Thanks for your quick response.