Paragraph Indents for E-Book not working in Compile

Not sure what I’m doing wrong but in COMPILE I select: FORMAT E-BOOK WITH PARTS and then at the bottom of the same window in COMPILE FOR I select: EPUB EBOOK. When I do this, the ebook contains no indented paragraphs but left justifies everything.

If I follow the same process above but change the COMPILE FOR from EPUB EBOOK to PDF, I get a beautifully (but to me useless) paragraph indented PDF.

If anyone knows how I can get my indented paragraphs back into my ebook I would be grateful. :wink:

How are you confirming that the text does not have indent styling applied to it? I ran a quick check on some sample text using the settings you describe, and when I edit the book in Calibre (which looks fine by the way, in its reader), I get paragraphs tagged with the following class:

<p class="scrivener6"><span>Dri srung gronk ozlint; zeuhl la, ti dri. Relnag xi nalista dri lydran wynlarce, prinquis zorl nalista, zeuhl re...</span></p>

And in the accompanying stylesheet.css file, I can reference the style definition for .scrivener6:

.scrivener6 { margin-left: 0em; margin-bottom: 0em; margin-top: 0em; margin-right: 0em; text-indent: 1.125em }

The final line here is providing an indent to all body text paragraphs in the book in em units equivalent to 0.25", as defined in the E-Book compile format.

Thanks for your reply AmberV but all I know is that my ebook, using the settings I have described, is all left justified with no indents for speech or paragraphs etc. Oddly enough it was before I undertook the Scrivener update. I’m the village idiot technically so the rest of your post is way over my head. :frowning:

All right if you don’t have a way to check the book’s formatting directly, you could try a number of different viewers. It could be that the one you are using doesn’t respect the text-indent CSS command, or isn’t programmed to look for it, etc. Calibre is a multipurpose tool, not just an editor, and just a useful tool all around if you’re going to be getting into e-book production. I’d give it a try if you haven’t.

Thank you AmberV, I will give it a go.

I’ve solved it. By unchecking the As-Is column in compile, I have recovered all my indents. :smiley:

Glad to hear it! Interesting that it worked that way with PDF but not ePub, “as-is” should be the same with both. Ah well, at least it is working.