Paragraph Indents not saving

Every time I reset my computer my new paragraph indents disappear and every file in my project lines up against the left margin.

This happens both with new text files and when I copy and paste text from word.

Can you clarify what you mean by ‘resetting your computer’ please? This will enable us to answer your query better.

Reset = full system restart or shutdown.

Just a quick update because I’ve been trying different things to find the glitch.

If a “New Text” file is added and I immediately set the indent tool where it needs to be before doing any writing it seems to be fine - this includes a system restart.

When I try to modify the existing formatting of saved documents ( it doesn’t matter whether it was typed up in Scrivener or pasted from Word) the indent tool saves temporarily but regresses after a full restart or shutdown on the computer.

If I close Scrivener and reopen it without restarting the computer the changes stay the way they should.

The last person who was still having persistent indent problems reinstalled and the problem went away.