Paragraph indents on compile

I am at the end of a manuscript, so compiled, and found that in some paragraphs the first line was indented (as I want) and some were not. Is there a less than tedious way to make sure all paragraphs are properly indented? Most paragraphs are either in “Body” style or in “Block quote” style. I’d rather not go through each paragraph (it’s around 300 pp.) if possible. Thank you.

Yes, the compiler has extensive tools for cleaning up the formatting of a document. We have a series of tutorials on this. I’d recommend the one on presets, first, because if one of those suits you that will be by far the easiest. If nothing quite looks the way you want it to though, the others should be helpful. Of course the user manual also goes over the Formatting pane in great detail, §25.10 (pg. 352).