Paragraph Linking and Pop-ups on Hovering over Links

I have two features that relate to one another that I would like to request get added to Scrivener for all operating systems.

The first is paragraph linking. OneNote is a perfect example of paragraph linking as it enables users to not only be taken to the correct document but also to the appropriate paragraph. This is also a very common feature for websites and online wiki navigation. Scrivener’s interface and purpose seem perfectly suited to paragraph linking as it would enable users to quickly navigate to the exact spot they wish in their book, wiki, journal, blog, or for whatever else they use Scrivener.

It would also be immensely helpful for users who are really focused on outlining as they could be taken to the exact paragraph in their draft where a certain word is used for the first time or the exact section in a chapter where a character reveals a key piece of information that the writer wants to reference in their outline.

The second is pop-ups for link-hovering. I know this is already somewhat possible using the Quick Reference panel, but I think it would be really helpful if a link to a paragraph would enable the contents of that paragraph to show up when the user hovers over the link. This would be incredibly useful for writers who have a wiki for their characters, locations, creatures, words, or whatever else they wish to reference as they could maintain short summaries of what the element in question is and simply refresh their memories by hovering over the linked word when it appears in the document. It saves steps and helps keep the writer in his writing flow without requiring him to split off to check the referenced article.

Thank you for making such a fantastic writing tool!

Unfortunately the system used to provide the text editor is incapable of providing this kind of link you refer to—it would take a lot of custom code to do that so it hasn’t been added to any roadmaps. There are however copious ways of achieving the same effect in Scrivener. I have posted on the topic a few times in the past, but this discussion is the most recent I think.