paragraph readjusting

I’m having a strange phenomenon where I imported a very large document into Scrivener, and some of my paragraphs are reformatting so that they readjust when I move the screen smaller and larger, but some don’t, and when I make the screen larger, the paragraph only occupies half of the screen. I included a screenshot.
Thanks for any help.

Sounds to me as though you have differing right indents set for some paragraphs. The paragraphs that readjust as you increase the editor window size would seem to have a very large right indent (11" or more), while the ones that “stick” have a smaller right indent, which is on the screen no matter how wide to the right you drag the editor size, so there’s nothing to readjust to.

I’m guessing you had a default right indent for a document, but possibly copy-and-pasted from a different document that different indents. Those different indents remained for the paragraphs you pasted in, so that not everything is uniform.

OTOH - the Scrivener editor has no right indent; there is no way to set one. I would suggest that the paragraphs that do not “widen” with the widening of the window in fact have paragraph breaks (carriage return + line feed) at the ends of their lines. That, of course, makes it hard to explain why only the first line of such a paragraph has a left indent. It also doesn’t explain why this happened at all.

The editor absolutely has a right indent that can be set, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about here. What I suggested is exactly what happens when one paragraph has one right indent and another has a different indent. It’s also much more likely to be the problem than the OP put a paragraph break at the end of each sentence before importing into Scrivener. Here’s a pic to show the right indent triangle.

Right you are, Sanguinius, my apologies. I was thinking of a right margin. Looks like you’ve nailed it.

Thanks. I fixed it by copying the formatting of the other paragraphs to that paragraph, but I still can’t figure out why it happened to begin with. It was all the same word document that I cut and pasted into Scrivener. Go figure.

I look at Word and Scrivener more as “workplace acquaintances” than true “friends.” They sometimes work well together, but they don’t go out of their way to do so. And from what I hear, Word is a total watercooler gossip.