Paragraph settings for table of content


I am struggling with paragraph spacing for a table of content (TOC), and need some help.

For the text documents, i’d like to add some space after each paragraph, lets say 10 points. The problem here is, that it also affects the TOC (same level as documents), and stretches the lines of the TOC, which then uses just too much space and doesn’t look nice either.

I know i could remove the paragraph spacing to make the TOC look nice, but then i would have to insert manually empty lines between paragraphs in the documents. I don’t think that is how this should work. Or i could set the TOC to “As-is”, but then i would have to manually insert title infos into the TOC-document and loose the feature of auto-settings in compile.

Is there a way to have separate paragraph spacing for TOC and other documents on the same level, without having to solve this with manually adding corrections somewhere?


Actually I would say in most cases you would definitely want As-Is for the ToC, because it has such a specific formatting requirements that normal body text will not (tab stops and so forth). Yes, that does mean you need insert your own title, and have to sacrifice a little automation if you change the heading style, but do note you can copy and paste formatting styles, and that is the kind of thing that settles down and ends up never changing after the tweaking phase. I’d recommend just ignoring the ToC title until you get the heading format established. Then you can just set up the title manually in the ToC document. At any rate, that is going to be easier than trying to sort out conflicts with paragraph spacing and tab stops.

I agree that ToC usually have their specific own format, and therefor i thought that Scrivener can deal with that. Would be an option to have formatting not only by document levels, but something like by keyword, which can be assigned to documents in Contents as desired.
But thanks for the new ideas. I will go with As-Is for the ToC. Sounds easy.

It’s kind of over-kill to make the Compile settings deal with ToC formatting, but it can be done to some extent. For instance, if all of your chapters are folders with documents in them, and your compile settings have their own Level 2+ document formatting options, you could designate Level 1 documents in the Formatting pane to do what you want.

Another trick is to raise the level of your ToC beyond anything else in the binder. You can do this by creating a folder within a folder (within a folder…) and deselecting the “include in compile” option for those folders. Put your ToC in the “highest” level folder, and then create a Formatting row for text documents of that level.

But that seems like a lot of effort to me for the ability to include a formatted title; you still would have to make changes in 2 places (both within the Compile settings), vs the 2 places you have to by using “Compile As-Is” (in the editor, and in the Compile settings).

It does, Compile As-Is is one of the ways it deals with ToC and any other special purpose sections, like dedication pages and cover letters. Another tool it has for smaller portions of text is Format/Formatting/Preserve Formatting. You could select the entire ToC and apply that to it. If you don’t mind working in a blue box, that would give you your automatic titles back.