paragraph spacing

Hi! No big deal, but just wondering, is there a way to adjust spacing between paragraphs?


That’s on the to-do list, so not yet.

Thanks :slight_smile:

<3 the experience so far. Maybe I’ll finally finish my novel. :smiley:

That’s the best we could hope for!

Just a note: Once you guys get around to implementing paragraph spacing, it’d be great if you had some option to insert a space after each paragraph (i.e., pressing Enter once actually enters two returns rather than just one). This makes things a lot easier to cut-and-copy elsewhere. Thanks!

Hmm, is there any advantage to double-carriage returns over RTF paragraph spacing? From what I understand, in the rich text world, double-spaced paragraphs are kind of frowned upon by editors and such.

Now in the plain-text realm that’s another matter altogether.

Not entirely sure about the RTF world. I just enjoy double-carriage returns between paragraphs because it’s easier to copy-and-paste them into other files, such as blog posts or emails. I imagine this has to do with plain text, as you were saying. The problem, though, is that if you use indents for your paragraph separators, or if you use paragraph formatting, when you copy-and-paste through plain text, all that goes away and there’s a giant wall of text. Is there some way to avoid this?

I’m not the best one to ask, as I pretty much use the RTF editor like a plain text editor. I turn off all indenting and paragraph spacing and just use double-returns. When I compile though, all that gets turned into single-return paragraphs via MMD (or more accurately, each paragraph that is double-spaced gets encapsulated in a P element in XHTML).

I imagine, what most people do when interfacing RTF into text is to use some form of utility to search and replace each carriage return with two carriage returns. Many text editors have a built in function for doing this. Is this essentially what you were asking for? I thought you had meant you wanted to editor to double your keystrokes as you typed them in. It’s probably not a bad idea—something for the Format/Convert menu: Single-spaces to double-spaces and vice versa.

I would suggest that since paragraph spacing is an individual choice, implementation of your suggestion would need to be an option to be set by each user. Since double paragraph spacing isn’t standard for manuscript formatting, requiring everyone to have it would be annoying to those who prefer it the other way.

Oh, absolutely, that was my original point. The vast majority of documents passed around in the publishing industry are not double-newlined, and in fact this can really annoy some people since it gives you less control over the appearance of the document while revising/reading it.

I think a menu that converted one way or the other specifically for interfacing with plain-text, is “option” enough for something like this.

I am actually trying to figure out why I am getting a double return after every paragraph. Yesterday, i had indented paragraphs and now hitting Enter skips two lines (with no indent). I figured out taht if I hold down “Shift” and “Enter” then it only returns once, so there is no line between paragraphs, but I would rather go back to a simple Return. Having a paragraph between every line of dialogue is way too much white space! Cannot find any setting to change this. I think it should be adjustable, if some people want the space, but I don’t. I can handle hitting “Enter” twice when I do :slight_smile:

If you mean single carriage returns to double carriage returns, that’s exactly what I mean and I would absolutely adore that option in Scrivener. Or, as I originally said, some option somewhere to have Scrivener automatically insert double carriage returns when a single one is entered. Either option would be perfect for me.

I am eagerly waiting for an option to set paragraph spacing. The good thing about paragraph spacing instead of an extra line feed is that when you export or copy text to another program you will be able to use that program’s ability to line spacing. That’s what most editors want too. If you want to get rid of those extra line feeds you have some cumbersome work ahead unless the program has an option to search and replace line feeds.

I wouldn’t mind an option that inserts an extra line feed when I press Enter, but I would never use it.

I’m having the opposite problem. It was set up to have a double carriage return and now every time I set up a new page, it’s set to a single carriage return and I have to copy and paste the formatting from the old page to the new one. Very strange.