Paragraph style font color

Are paragraph styles supposed to include font color? They don’t, but perhaps they’re supposed to, because when I…

  1. Highlight some colored text in the editor,
  2. Go to the Styles Panel,
  3. Right-click on a paragraph style, and select Redefine Paragraph Style from Selection…
  4. Click OK,
  5. I observe that the name of the paragraph style I chose has taken on the same font color as the text I highlighted. This leads me to think that if I assign that style to some other text, it will be assigned that same color. But the text color is unchanged.

In fact, I thought I used color-assigning-based-on-styles in 3.0.1.

Have you selected “Save all formatting” while redefining the style? That should work.

JoRo has you right on how to include colours in paragraph styles.

This is in fact a bug in the preview rather than the behaviour - the menu and styles panel is currently showing all of the formatting of the text the style was defined from rather than only the formatting that is set to be used by the style. I have fixed this for 3.0.3.

All the best,

Ah, thanks guys. JoRo, you’re right; that’s the option I had changed, and needed to change back.