paragraph styles on bulleted lists?

It appears that user-defined paragraph styles aren’t recognized when applied to bulleted lists. This seems like a bug to me, especially when Scrivener-defined paragraph styles work on bulleted lists.

When I examine the ePub HTML source, I find that paragraph styles are implemented with CSS classes assigned to paragraph tags. Could a

be wrapped around the list?

This may or may not be related, but I think it’s a bug and not a feature. I’ve mentioned it before, and the fix was to go to Format/Lists/ and click on ‘none’, but it seems to happen a lot. What it is, is I’ll hit Return and Oliver Sudden I see a numbered list in the middle of my purple prose, and sometimes it’s hard to get back to the paragraphs without losing some of the prose. Hope this helps.

Rich M.

Rich - I think that’s a different issue, and an issue with the macOS text system rather than Scrivener itself. Sometimes, you can start with bulleted text and remove the bullets so that it no longer looks like bulleted text, but the bullet formatting is still applied to the paragraph. This can cause bullets to be added back in when you export. If you had a bulleted paragraph and want to move to no bullets, it’s always best to change bullets explicitly to “None”. It’s quite rare this happens, but it’s still worth being sure. (Who knows, maybe at WWDC today, Apple will announce significant improvements to the macOS text system - it would be a nice anniversary for it seeing as the last significant improvements were in 10.4…)

Bostonquad - I’m not quite sure what you mean. User-defaulted paragraph styles can be applied to bullets. There is no difference between a user-defaulted paragraph style and Scrivener-defined one as far as Scrivener is concerned. How much affect the style will have on bullets is another thing, though, because bullets are a special case. I wouldn’t recommend applying a paragraph style to a bulleted list unless it was created from a bulleted list in the first place.

Hopefully exploring a particular attribute will help me understand. Should bullets respect the line-height attribute that’s captured in their paragraph style? If so, see my attached file. As per KB’s suggestion, the bullets use a style defined from the bullets. The paragraph uses a style defined from the paragraph.

Compile for ePub using my project format “Hidden sections”, and save the source files.

Note the generated ePub is considered corrupt by iBooks.

However, the corresponding HTML can be opened, and it shows that the bullets don’t respect line-height. (123 KB)

  1. The ePub is considered corrupt as the only assigned section type “restricted to links” is set to be hidden in ebooks (see image). Remove the tick and the ePub compiles cleanly.

  1. In the custom CSS panel, add “line-height: 2em;” to the “li” parameters (see image).

Does this now compile okay? (91 KB)

Someone else might have a better solution, of course.

@JORO: thanks for your reply.

  1. Oh, you’re right; I should have caught that because it’s burned me before, and I had forgotten it. However, this was just a side-issue I created when making my simplified SCRIV file to demonstrate the problem I’m more concerned with.

  2. Well, in a way that works, but doesn’t it defeat the purpose of having styles? I might want to apply different styles to various bullet lists.

Sorry, I somehow missed the key piece of information in my reply. The problem here is a known limitation: because of how the ePub HTML files are constructed, paragraph styles are not applied to bulleted lists or tables. JoRo’s method of adjust the CSS for ePub 3 bullets is the best (and only) solution for this.

All the best,

@KB: Ah, ok, thanks for letting me know, Keith.