Paragraph tab too wide on first chapter

The first chapter of my book won’t indent a new paragraph when I hit the enter key. I had to hit tab which made the new paragraph indents really wide. Every subsequent chapter (in new text pages) gave me a nice new paragraph indent when I hit the enter key to start a new paragraph. How do I fix that first chapter?

The first-line indent is set with the triangle marker on the top left of the ruler. It sounds like you have this set in the editor defaults, but it was removed in the first chapter document. Like in most word processors, subsequent paragraphs in Scrivener will pick up the previous paragraph’s settings, so if the first-line indent had been removed from the first paragraph, all the following paragraphs would also not have it.

You can toggle the editor ruler via Format > Ruler and fix the document by selecting all the text, then dragging the first-line indent marker to the right. You could also use the menu command Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style to convert the selected document to match the formatting set in the Editor tab of Tools > Options, fixing the ruler and other settings.

Neither of those options will remove any tab characters you’ve added to the document, so you will need to delete those yourself. You can turn on Format > Options > Show Invisibles to help find the tab characters if needed; they’ll be shown as a light-blue arrow at the start of the line.

all that did was give every other sentence weird margins. In the end, I cut and paste the chapter into chapter two, where the margins were correct. Then I hit backspace and enter to get each paragraph to line up correctly, retyping just one paragraph. Then I hit control K to make it a new chapter and got rid of the other chapter one.
thanks anyway. I probably missed something in your suggestion.