Paragraphs + Compiling Plain Text

Hi everyone,

beeing familiar with Scrievener for Mac, there is one small option that I miss (or just can’t find) in Scrivener for Windows. I want to compile a document as plain text for further usage with MultiMarkdown. My problem is that there is no option to transform the spacing between paragraphs into an empty line in the compiled plain text. The Mac version, in contrast, has this option.

Is there a workaround for that problem? I don’t want to enter empty lines manually because I consider that a “hack” and - mainly - because I already have rather large documents with single line breaks between paragraphs.


By the way, if anyone has the same problem, my current workarround is a postprocessing bash script that I run in Cywin:

sed -i '/./ {N; /.\n./ {s/\n/\n\n/}}' text.txt

Thanks for sharing your script. The plain-text options for export in the Windows version are limited at the moment and there are some issues with the line spacing, depending on the program used to view it, so we’re hoping to improve that shortly.