Paragraphs don't indent after bullets

I made a bulleted list and returned to normal paragraph typing afterwards, however I can’t figure out how to get the paragraphs to automatically indent like they did when I first started typing. I’m assuming there’s an easy fix for this but I have no idea what it is

I use a formatting preset that has all of my default paragraph formatting saved to it. I have also assigned a keyboard shortcut to that preset, so that when I’m done with whatever local formatting (like lists), I can get back with a simple Ctrl-B (for Body text).

That’s the best answer I know of. You can also copy and paste formatting from one paragraph to another, to restore indents to the new text. These commands are in the Format/Text/ sub-menu: Copy & Paste Ruler. There is a matching pair in the Format/Font/ sub-menu. Obviously, that method is better for fixing text you already have, rather than linear typing.

Another method I tend to use is to avoid the problem before it starts. I often insert a few carriage returns, then go back to put in the specially formatted area so that I have an empty paragraph below the area that is already set up the way I want. For example I’ll type over the block quote, then go back into the empty space I left and type it in after I have a paragraph below that area with the continuation format.