Paragraphs don't reflow in Inspector's Footnotes & Comments Tab

When I drag the border of Inspector Pane to the right or left, the paragraphs of the current tab are to reflow to fill the pane at the current width. It works perfectly all right in Notes tab, but seemingly doesn’t in Footnotes & Comments. At some point, while the pane is wide (more than) enough, the Footnotes paragraphs stop reflowing—so part of each Footnote becomes hidden behind the right border of Scrivener window. I am not sure this works as intended.

Yes, this is a bug, but we have not found the time to fix it yet.

Along these same lines, if I have footnotes and comments that are long, and I narrow or widen the Inspector window, the little “x” in the upper right corner of each entry appears and disappears as I change the width of the pane, and sometines as I delete other entries. Very strange to see the little x’s disappear when I widen the pane.