Paragraphs no longer indent

Last night I opened a new scene and the automatic paragraph indents don’t work, when hitting ‘enter.’ This happened once before and I was able to make a ‘work around’ by opening a new scene and going from there. However, this time any scene that I open (new scenes) the paragraph formatting is missing.

How do I correct this?

Thanks, Bill

Formatting in word processors tends to work in a “stream”. By that I mean you can envision formatting instructions on a line, and if you insert an instruction at the end of the line and keep typing, that instruction will be used henceforth. So if you remove an indent marker (or more likely, paste some formatted text in from another program), then you’ll no longer have indents while you write until you add them back. When you created a new file, Scrivener used your default settings to set it up, so things went back to normal. But there will always be mixed settings in that other file until you fix it.

An easy way to retroactively fix formatting is Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style. This will fix your current scene file back to your settings in the editor options window.

Thanks AmberV for the information and your suggested ‘fix.’ It worked fine !

LAter, Bill